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In 1988 a group of experienced industrial companies, after many years of independent industrial and engineering activities, joint up and established a new company under the name of Chem Petro Inc.
With its strong and sound organizational hierarchy, as well as the comprehensive professional experiences of the member companies, Chem Petro is able to undertake large turn key industrial projects, especially in oil, gas and petrochemical fields.
As a general contractor, our company offers a wide range of engineering and management services such as site survey, prefeasibility and feasibility studies, system design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, procurement and supply of materials and equipments, etc.
This brochure gives you the scope of works, qualifications and experiences of Chem Petro group.

In the dynamic world where quality and reliability are of great importance , business is developed and guaranteed only by knowledge and experience.
Chem Petro's industrial reputation clearly justifies him as one of the leader in the field.
Chem Petro has proven to be a reliable source with valuable knowledge as an engineering designer, manufacturer, supplier and installer for this section of industry.
Backed by a highly skilled, experienced, and innovative design offices, Project management team and technology. Each member of the group has successfully completed number of projects in the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical fields.
Chem Petro's strength lies in its experience and diverse resources at its disposal, mainly made available by its member companies.
These enable Chem Petro to provide a comprehensive and full services for the large oil, gas and petrochemical turn key projects.
Chem Petro undertakes large scale oil, gas and pipeline projects and has many references in this respect.
As it is mentioned in the next pages, most of the main equipments of oil refineries, gas treatment plants and petrochemical projects are manufactured by member companies within the Chem Petro group.

A comprehensive quality control program allows Chem Petro to manufacture in accordance with any international standard or individual customer's specifications.
We put our efforts into ensuring you to spend less money for higher quality.
Whether it concerns the manufacture of machineries for complex production line or just a specialized equipment such as cement coating lining machine, Chem Petro is ready and able to do the job professionally, reliably, with highest degree of quality and in time.
To meet the increasing demands for products and technical services and to maintain its position as a leading manufacturer, Chem Petro is constantly improving its manufacturing and research and development activities. Among the others, fabrication of valves,pumps, atmospheric and pressure vessels, heavy duty reactors along with the application of the latest technological know how, guarantees the Chem Petro's commitment to accomplish large turn key projects at a great extent of independence.
Furnaces are used in every industry where thermal processing is required, and Chem Petro is one of the leading designers and builders of industrial furnaces, thermal capital plants and furnaces equipments in Iran.
Chem Petro has divisions, specialized in the design and manufacture of controlled atmospheric furnaces for the metallurgical industries, ovens, ceramic furnaces, incinerators and melting, casting and rolling of non ferrous metals. *
Furnaces can be engineered to interface With other equipments in modern manufacturing systems. Heat treatment is another area where Chem Petro has experience and expertise for offering a reliable and safe service in the highly specialized field of on site post weld heat treatment for oil and petrochemical, offshore, power generation and fabrication industries. These vital operations include the heat treatment of large vessels, spheres, and any large metal fabrication.
Chem Petro's heat treatment combines the best of engineering skills and techniques of both fuel fired and electrically heated systems.

Chem Petro coordinates all system engineering and service activities in the field of power generation and supplies the full range of services for power plants on a turn key basis.Chem Petro also handles activities regarding industrial automation and electric power distribution.
In all these sectors, our company is one of the most competent general contractor in the local market and in the region as well.
Chem Petro has extensive experience and specialty accompanied with strong background in designing, manufacturing and installation of wood and wood by-product plants such as particle board, M.D.F. , pulp and paper and the other related industrial plants in accordance with latest technological standards.
Chem Petro is totally dedicated to providing quality services, with the aim to hire new innovations in the world of technology.